The History of New Moscow

Before War

Prior the end of World War III and it's liberation in 1993, New Moscow belonged to the United States Of America. It's citizens lived in an uncontrolled system and violence was part of daylie life.

The Importance during War

New Moscow was an important target for our glorious Empire during World War III. It was symbolic for the beliefs of the enemies of our system. In order to break and demoralize them, one batallion was enough to attack and liberate New Moscow, while our main forces attacked the north american continent via Greenland and the Air Force cleared the south with the help of nuklear warheads.

The epicenter of our glorious victory are today known as Emperors and Old-Manhattan. The south of Old-Manhatten - today declared the Exile Sector - is guarded by the Statue Of Victory, which became a symbol of liberation by the destruction of it's flame holding arm, that symbolized the values of our enemies.

Glorious Rebirth

New Moscow was ready to contribute to the New Russian Empire within six months, due to industrie facilities of the city remained intact. Today New Moscow contributes to the textile and electronic demands of the Empire.

Big parts of the population decided to follow the call of the Empire and became a contributing member to a functional state. In a gesture of grace, the government decided to exile those, who were not willing to accept the New Russian Empire.

While Emperors was entirely rebuild in a short amount of time, parts of Old-Manhatten remained destroyed until today. These areas are declared as the Exile Sector and also contain the flame holding arm of the Statue Of Victory at Ruins.

The newly raised generation of citizens is the first pure generation grown up outside the Eurasia region under the the caring hands of Mother Russia.

New Moscow became the capital of Sector 16 in 1995.
Sector Governor Tamara Pablov

Sector Governor Tamara Pablov

Tamara Pablov became the Sector Governor of Sector 16 in 2012, after previous Sector Governor Vladimir Putin was killed in an attempt to save 200 people during a terrorist act of violence.

Pablov was born in New Moscow in 1987 and belongs to the first generation to be raised to New Russian standards.

She excelled in leadership, linguistics and history.