Welcome to New Moscow Sign

REWIRED - Out now!

After two years hidden from the New Russian Empire, Neon Insect returns with his new Single " REWIRED".

Welcome back to New Moscow. The Saga continues.

The single features complex beats, noisy glitches, stutters and fierce vocals. The song is a continuation to the New Moscow dystopia Neon Insect has created and will be included on the not yet announced upcoming album " LOVE, SEX & ROBOTS "



Neon Insect (Nils Sinatsch) is a dystopian storyteller, telling tales from New Moscow - New York in an alternative reality, where the cold war went hot and the soviets won.

As a citizen of Hanover/"Germanograd" by day and a rebel by night, Neon Insect fetches the stories through the cyber web from his contacts in New Moscow. The only habitable city in a nuked america, where cyborgs rule the streets, where lower Manhatten is a prison and the last bastion of the local rebellion.

The stories are told in an oldschool industrial fashion, the sound of the cold war, enhanced with stutters and glitches, the sound of the cyber web. A soundtrack George Orwell would approve...

Bring Your Own Gasmask

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